“Bring yourself back to Cameron Cove. Walk behind the cabin, reaching your legs over fallen trees and feeling the moss sink softly under your feet. Remember how you felt in the moisture of the air, craning your neck to see the great Cedars. The bottom of your pants gathers water droplets from huckleberry bushes and coastal ferns. Time has no meaning in the heart of the forest… It is now nearing the end of daylight, and you have found a comfortable nook. You watch the colours change through the spaces between the trees, as the sun goes to sleep. The oranges slip into blues, and the trees become dark silhouettes. Stars begin to appear, twinkling bright hopes one by one. The water is still, maybe an Eagle soars over around the cove, its belly almost touching the soft rippling waves.

I could also paint the picture of the effects of an oil spill.

But I won’t.

Even before tangibly experiencing the place that resonated in my soul, I knew that the Great Bear Youth Paddle was a cause I wanted to devote my energy to. I remember Magda asking me if I wanted to help when she first came up with the idea and I was hesitant at first. Now I feel as if my heart is in the cause.

Last May after watching Spoil, I was so moved that I called Magdalena on our class break. I told her we need to get the word out about the risks of Enbridge. I contacted teachers at my old High school and we had a very successful day of presentations.” –Erica Benson
Help us continue to raise awareness about the Enbridge Pipeline project. We want to educate and engage youth in the political processes of our government. We want to raise awreness about environmental and social issues that affect us all as Canadian citizens, and we want to incorporate environmental education and positive activism to encourage people to engage and contribute positivelly to our society.  
Help us keep BC beautiful: here

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