In June I took a five day trip to Vancouver Island. I visited my friend and member of the GBR Youth Paddle team Erica Benson. Through her high school contacts, Erica was able to organize a time when we could go into her old high school and present about our project. We arrived during lunch time when some of the students who were in a band were jamming for their peers on the front lawn of the school. Erica said hello to her old teachers and I met most of them for the first time. Once lunch was over, students began to trickle into the classroom, until finally we began our presentation. Both of us shared our different experiences in the Great Bear Rainforest, why and how we have developed a connection to this are, the wildlife, and the people, and then we showed the Oil in Eden documentary by Pacific Wild. This documentary showcases the beautiful wilderness, the inherited culture of the communities, and the pressing issue of the Enbridge pipeline. The students and the teachers of Cari Hi were impressed and intrigued by our presentation. As a result, we were invited to stay and give another presentation to the next class! This was a good day for raising awareness and engaging youth in their local environmental and social issues.

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