A word from Fogon, Quest University student-led music collective, supporters and recent funders of the GBR Youth Paddle. Thank you friends for the support! -Magdalena

Music needs to happen, at least that’s the way I’ve always felt. My friends and I have worked tirelessly to keep this passion alive. Fogon, the band, started as a collective. We wanted to play on each others’ songs, and with fifteen people in the band, we learned how to be patient and listen really quick. After four years playing together, musicians have come and gone, the songs have changed, but the spirit stays alive. The musicianship and fulfillment we get from playing together has no parallel. I can say in confidence that everyone has grown and learned how to cultivate passion in their own life and in the lives of others through our music together.

The money we make goes towards passion, be it in the form of guitar strings, drumsticks, producing CD’s, and even social change. That is why Fogon has elected to donate $600 of our hard earned (or, played, rather) money to the Great Bear Rainforest Youth Paddle. Keep being inspiring, and give the world something to see.

With Love,

You can find Fogon making music at Quest University in Squamish, BC, and you can purchase all three of their albums online on their Bandcamp.

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