From: Nycole Turmel, M.P.
To: GBRYouthPaddle@
Subject: New Democrats on Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 16:08:05 -0500
New Democrats on Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline
Thank you for your email outlining your concerns with oil tanker traffic on the coast of BC via the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Please know that I share your concerns. First, let me comment on the Conservatives’ musings about environmental assessments and funding sources for environmental NGOs. When it comes to an environmental assessment process, many Canadians have a stake in both the process and the outcome. New Democrats recognize that this is entirely legitimate. We believe the process must include the voices of all affected Canadians, including First Nations, local residents, and industry. Interestingly, one must ask themselves: whose interests are the Conservatives representing? Canadians or the interests of the American and Chinese companies who will profit from the pipeline? Furthermore, while the Conservatives feign concern over foreign donations to Canadian NGOs, they seem to have no problem with one of their favourite think-tanks, the Fraser Institute, receiving 9% of their funding from
foreign sources! (Annual Report, Fraser Institute, 2010 (pg 37):
For our part, we have been consistent in our call for the government to ban oil tanker traffic on the BC coast. Building on NDP past work that included a motion calling on the government to ban oil tanker traffic on the BC coast, in June 2011 NDP MPs Fin Donnelly and Nathan Cullen laid out a legislative proposal for a permanent ban on oil supertanker traffic off the north coast of British Columbia.

We have long felt that these supertankers are all risk and no reward – it’s all about shipping raw bitumen from Alberta’s tar sands to Asia. Additionally, banning oil tanker traffic would effectively stop any move by Enbridge to ship oil through its planned $4.5 billion Northern Gateway Pipeline.

You may also be interested to know of our party’s efforts to cut subsidies to non-renewable energy producers, and redirect these revenues into clean energy projects. We feel that the Conservative government’s irresponsible support for the fossil fuel industry is leaving Canada behind and costing us billions. (

You can read more about our ideas to help achieve a cleaner and healthier
environment by visiting:

Our team of New Democrat MPs remain committed to putting forward practical solutions that will move Canada forward and ensure that we maintain a clean, sustainable Canada for future generations.

Again, I appreciate the time you have taken to voice your concerns. I invite you to visit our website at to learn the latest about our team of New Democrats. Also, feel free to pass along my response to your network of
friends and family.

All the best,

Nycole Turmel, M.P.
Interim Leader of the Official Opposition
New Democratic Party of Canada

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