Linden Di waayu

Gisbutwadda Di pdeegu
Txałgiu de will watgu
Txsłgiu de will dzgoo

My name is Linden I come from the killer whale clan, I live in Hartley Bay.

I am from Hartley Bay, and that’s how it will always be if Enbridge doesn’t get the okay for going by, I love Hartley Bay, no matter his much I hate not being able to leave regularly, whenever I go on long trips like the one I just went on and the one in 2009 I miss home, even just for a day or two, I miss home. I love it here, suppose Enbridge went by and hit land like the “Queen of the North” did, what would they do to help us? We wouldn’t be able to go out harvesting the foods we get now! We wouldn’t even be able to swim in the ocean we love swimming in, I’ve worked out at King Pacific Lodge for two years in a row, those two years were the best summers of my life, because I was out in the wild I was on the ocean I saw the beautiful whales I saw eagles, my brothers George Fisher and Terran Fisher even taught me some of the things I never knew before, Darryl Robinson Floyd Dundas Mark Bolton they all taught me stuff too! They taught me how to fish and where to fish.

I don’t know if you had heard but Enbridge we are not Indians we are First Nations and we can not be bought! Everyday I cry, because the thought of a ship the size of three football fields going by my home causing giant waves possibly killing some of the whales and mother natures’ beautiful work…. It hurts me, it really does hurt me. And I hope they get the message that we don’t need Enbridge…or their money. Because we are making it on our own already.

I have this Group on Facebook. Called Help linden and Amy stop Enbridge from ruining the north coast of BC. Guess how many likes I have, 215, that’s 215 people helping me! Say no! Say no to oil tankers say no to pipelines! We have a slogan Do you wanna know what it is?

“We dont need to be spOILED because mother nature already does”
She doesn’t give us oil though… because she gives the best oil! OOLICHAN OIL & Seal Oil.

My grandmother told me that when my grandfather was still alive, he loved to fish he loved going out on the boat with his brother Simon Reece, she said one time, my mother Stefanie Fisher, Trudy Reece , Yvonne Bolton & my grandfather went blue berry picking and went back to Hartley Bay on a Log… I’m legit not even kidding…. A log!

I have three mothers all three are in this gym today! Two of them I call them mother because their daughters are my best friends! My real mother is Stefanie  Fisher and my adopted mothers, Teresa Robinson and Eva Hill. All of them love going Salmon Berry picking, and they won’t be able to do that if we have to move somewhere else to live. I also have four stepdads, one stepdad and two the husbands of Eva Hill and Teresa Robinson. The other is my real dad, he lives in Prince Rupert with his GF, he loved fishing. And still does! Cam loves being out on the boat fishing, doing whatever. Marven is a nature guy he takes us out to watch whales, bears, wolves all those beautiful things.

My stepdad Edward Robinson Sr, he likes going trolling and we go out to that far Island when I come home for a few days from King Pacific Lodge, me my mom and him go and watch bears eat mollusks or fish.

I wanted to end this speech with something special,

But when you think of it, you’re in something special already. Welcome to the Geat Bear Rainforest.

Thank you

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