Hi everyone, my name is Net, I flew half way around the world from Thailand to come to Squamish and Quest University. I was born and raised in the busy capital city of Bangkok. Growing up in a city provided me with many materialistic entertainments, ones that do not sustain true happiness. Many people in the city do not have time to reflect about the values of their natural environment, and it is unfortunate. The Great Bear Youth Paddle is a project that relates to everyone because no matter where we are we depend on our natural resources to live, eat or even fly from one country to the next. The Great Bear Rainforest provides life for many species, and people, including the Spirit Bear and the First Nations people who hold many of Canada’s cultural values. When I first met Magdalena and heard about this project I thought that it was a good opportunity to help with something relevant in this age, and I felt fortunate to be given the chance to learn and stand up for what is right. Growing up in Bangkok, I have experienced the aftermath of environmental degradation, and I can foresee the devastation that is going to happen if we let the oil company enter the Great Bear Rainforest. The negative impact on this pristine and rich ecosystem would be felt gradually, but globally.