Hi my name is Olivia Morgan. I am from Salt Spring Island, BC and am a third year student at Quest University Canada in Squamish, BC. I grew up and spent most of my life on the coast of BC and have consequently developed at love for BC’s natural coastal environment.

In May 2011 I had the opportunity to further explore BC’s coast when I went with a class from Quest to northern BC. We went to Hartley Bay, which is a small First Nations community in the Great Bear Rainforest. The focus of our class was to learn about the culture of the Gitga’at First Nations. Throughout the two weeks that we spent in and around Hartley Bay we interacted with and learned from people of all ages in the community. Everyone had something to teach us about their culture and the environment in which they live. The time that I spent in Hartley Bay made me aware of the profound relationship that the coastal first nations have with their environment. The natural beauty of the Great Bear Rainforest is indescribable; you can only truly begin to appreciate it by experiencing it. However the beautiful life of the Great Bear Rainforest is under serious threat from Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline project. This sacred region of BC’s coast will only remain intact if those who care about it take a stand.

Therefore, I am honored to be part of the Great Bear Rainforest Youth Paddle team. I am excited to have the chance to celebrate the coast with others who love it and to play a part in its protection!